Poetic discount offers

Does a Rs. 2000 discount offer in anyway different from a Rs. 2007 or 2020 offer to you? Not much in terms of value, right. However the additional Rs. 7 or 20 does matter to the marketers to create a powerful impact.

Reliance mobile announces an interesting offer to its customers on the occasion of India’s 60th Independence Day earlier this year. E-recharge of Rs. 1947 gives Rs. 2007 talktime and a validity of 60 months.

Now to coincide with the Twenty20 world cup they have introduced another new offer that plays with the numbers. E-recharge of Rs.2020 gives Rs.2020 off-net talktime and 20-month validity. Quite interesting.

Wonder what offer they had in mind for the coming Diwali season!


  1. Since Diwali is also the celebration of Ram’s return from forest, some winners can be picked and sent for a trip to Ram Sethu ‘Bridge’as a tribute to Ram. Companies can also arrange free camps to check the chastity of women throughout India to hail Ram and his conscience!


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