Real value of Indian coins

Do you know the rupee equivalent of Bangladeshi currency? Well, one Indian Rupee equals about 1.6 Bangladeshi Taka. However if you take the trouble to carry all the money as coins instead of notes, you might get double the exchange rate. Wait, that’s not by any legal means.

It seems the smugglers in Bangladesh find out the true value of Indian coins. One rupee coin is worth the value of Rs 2 to them. Economic Times, reports that Indian coins of small denominations like 25 paise, 50 paise, Re 1 and Rs 2 are being smuggled out to Bangladesh, where they are melted and used to make shaving blades, ornaments, etc.

And for a change Govt. now needs to worry about 50 paise and one rupee coins too in addition to the fake currency menace.


  1. rajendran says:

    no one kmows that in india

  2. this is very disturbing reading. thansk for pointing out

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