Sachin opens a new innings

Have you noticed what Sachin has been doing recently? Inviting people to bowl to him, asking people to wish him all the luck (SMS LUCK to 1234. Sachin will call back.), doing the scorer job (Dial 1234 123 and hear the score in Sachin’s voice.) – all for Reliance Infocomm. At first thought I wondered whether Sachin started endorsing for Reliance mobile. Not that I have a problem with it, but some of the ads that he did for Bharti’s Airtel still remaining fresh in the people’s minds, I was puzzled by his sudden appearances for a competitor’s service.

Of course, it was Bharti, which didn’t renew the contract with Tendulkar that expired last November. So one can’t blame Sachin, even if he changed his phones. However, he neither asked people to go for Reliance Mobile nor praised about their service in the ad. All he did in the ad was to promote a value added mobile service, developed based on his brand image.

Actually Sachin Tendulkar has direct links only with Nazara technologies, a leading mobile entertainment company, to develop a wide range of mobile content based on him. And the company in turn has tied up with many cell phone service providers to sell their services. Reliance smartly used that service during this cricket world cup and now has a brand ambassador in Sachin to promote their service indirectly.

Well, being his fan it doesn’t matter to me whether I’ve to send a SMS to Reliance or Airtel to wish him luck. All the best, Sachin. Hope and wish you would bring back the cup to India this time.


  1. rajendran says:

    Do u think that sachin made a wrong decision? .
    One more to add 2 u that Earlier sachin promote Britannia biscusits Now he promote ITC Brand sunfeast
    Do u think that people buy because sachin was in the AD.
    If the prdt / service is good then they go for it.
    do u think dont watch cricket audience neglected in it?

  2. oh yeah..thats the hope of a few millions here, isnt it?

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