Saree war in Chennai

Even as the bridegrooms moved away from traditional dhotis a decade ago, brides across the state of Tamil Nadu stick to the traditional Kanjeepuram pattu for the occasion of their life. With changing times tradition also move towards the branded way, as competition forced the textile shops to innovate consistently and offer rich variety of choices to the modern women.

Vivaga, Ishwaryam, Reversible, Maya, Parampara, Vastarakala and the list goes on – All these Sarees are self branded by the shops and promoted effectively by employing Kollywood stars like Jothika, Sneha, Meera Jasmine, Boomika to create the interest among the masses.

And the encouraging thing with these brands is each one follows a different concept. Vastrakala pattu from Pothys has North Indian art works embellished in the traditional South Indian Kanji pattu. Sri Kumaran Stores introduced ‘Maya Sarees’ which changes colour when exposed to sunlight.

Talk of the Town, now is definitely the Reversible Saree by RMKV. This textile major who operated only in a small town, Tirunelveli some years back, created sensation in the market last season by introducing a saree with 50,000 colours, has yet again impressed every one with their creative and stylish design for the Reversible Sarees. With four attractive pallus and two different body colour this saree can be worn in 4 different ways.

Mind it, it’s still a single saree for women, though it costs around four times of a normal one. Better don’t gift it to your sweet heart and expect them to use it for the next 4 festivals. Such simple Marsian logic and all won’t work out in the Venus world, whom you can’t satisfy even by gifting a entire shop.

In this mad rush to offer variety to the Silk crazy South women by the shoppers, even kids are not left behind. Maya pavadais and Reversible pattu pavadais are exclusively marketed for the younger generation. All these innovations and modernity didn’t affect the sales of pure traditional players like Nalli Silks, Madras Mami’s with deep rooted traditions still throng these stores during festival seasons.

So what are you waiting for? Shop around and show your love in Silk this Diwali to your dear ones.


  1. Hmm… Interesting. I wasn’t aware of these new saree types. 🙂

    Then again, I haven’t been back home in 2 years.

  2. Interesting though men would prbably fight to see them in some other attire.

  3. Mayank Krishna says:

    Better late than never 🙂

    Saree, being the most elegant dress of Indian women, deserves its share of brand wars. It was long due.


  4. Hi,

    Nice blog!

    Why don’t you consider writing about some of the new “India 2.0” sites that are creating a little buzz as well?




  5. Anonymous says:

    came across ur blogspot..nice to see someone from chennai writing abt brands n ads…we r in verge of finalising a deal to start an ad agency in Chennai with tie up from a Germany company…keep in touch…my mail id is

  6. Siva Rajendran says: – Thanks for your comments and wish you all the best in your new venture.

  7. Good one!!!

    For women, I guess its just the branding (be it through Jyothika or Meera..) that attracts them to the stores.

    And for men (who are 100% single), watching a woman in saree is no doubt, a bonus (irrespective of its brands/ambassadors(!))
    but man, those ads are so good

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