Savings account and Group Health insurance

Now a days most big companies offer health insurance cover to their employees as part of the employee benefits package. As these companies have thousands of employees they can easily go for group health insurance policies with cheaper premium. But the same cheaper option is not available to the self-employed and other small business owners.

However some PSU banks like IOB, Bank of India, Andhra bank do offer group health insurance to their account holders. I’ve checked out these schemes and what attracted me is there are some good plans that provide health cover for account holder’s parents also. And there is no increase in premium based on proposer’s age too. I don’t know if there are any other hidden charges or special conditions.


I wonder why these banks are not marketing the benefits of such plans better to reach out to more people. We can’t find such attractive premium option in individual family floater policies. Small business owners can very well open accounts for their loyal employees in these banks and can easily provide health cover of Rs 1 or 2 lakhs.

Wish for more such plans from other major banks too.


  1. Most important is ,how about claims settlement.
    Generally , insurance agent helps in case of indivisual policy.
    any feedback on this??

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