Selling the Share Market

As the equity market in India witnessed increasing activity due to the prolonged bull run, wealth management companies are coming up with catchy ads to pocket new clients.

Ads for Anand Rathi Securities and Angel broking are well designed to focus on their theme.

Anand Rathi’s campaign starts with a person fishing in a relaxed mood. Now an underwater diver is chasing a big fish, catching it and connecting it to to the hook with out the person’s knowledge. Then the person goes happily with the price catch thanking the stars and the diver continue to do his job by chasing another big fish to help a new one in fishing.

What a nice idea to emphasize the company’s tag line – “Behind every successful Investor”.

The other one is Angel broking’s – “Service Truly Personalized” Ad where they enforces their clients will receive specialized advises as per their needs. Traffic Signal’s green signal saying “Walk Rohit” instead of Walk and the newspaper headline saying “Rohit, Stock Market may be down today” drives down their Personalized Service theme to the viewers brilliantly. The back ground humming (Na Na Na) blends with the ad very well and it is another good thing with this ad.

It’s time for some body to create an innovative ad with the market symbol bull and give it life, just like the Hutch campaign did for the pug.

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