Seven Minute Insurance

Reliance Capital, part of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group entered into the Insurance Market early this year and in a bid to capture the market share, it took up a strategy called Instant Cover.

It’s current ad single mindedly focuses on the differentiation factor – No Hassles and Instant Cover . A cute little kid is constantly pestering her sister doing Yoga, by asking questions like – What is the guarantee that you will shed weight?, Why don’t you try dieting? Why can’t you eat less chocolates?. The kid goes on questioning till her sister got completely frustrated and gives up Yoga. And then the background voice communicates the brand theme -Getting insurance is not that difficult, by answering seven simple questions one can get Reliance Life Insurance.

It was a great idea and executed brilliantly. With the kid and a bit of humour going well, the brand gets the viewers attention instantaneously.

Well the idea is good and the execution even better, but is the product(Insurance) right? Will people get carried over by the concept of “Instant Insurance”. The benefits of this product comes mostly, when the customer is no longer available to ask any questions. So it would be wise to take that extra time to listen to the Insurance Agent’s questions or the customer himself asking as much question as possible instead of filling the seven questions and getting instant cover.

It will be interesting if the Tata’s or the Birla’s jump into the comparative advertising mode with a concept like – “We take extra care for you” – to communicate the salient points in doing detailed analysis and getting insured instead of ‘No medical tests and Instant Cover’ idea.

Will they take on the challenge??


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