Single power idea or rich content?

Do you know how rich you are? For the super rich like Ambanis and Mittals, there is Forbes billionaire’s list to depend on to know about their standings in the world. But for the rest of the majority monthly wage earners is there a way to find out their rank in the world rich list? answers that question.

How do they calculate such rankings? It’s simply based on the World Bank research group report on income levels and with some assumptions on total population and worldwide annual income.

global rich list
And what their findings say? If you earn Rs. 10,000 per month you are in the top 15% richest people in the world. Even if one earns only Rs. 5000 per month they are well within the top 25% richest people in the world! That’s interesting, right?

Their website in addition to that global rich list ranking page has only three static pages explaining why they are doing that, how they are doing that and who they are. Yet this simple website has got alexa traffic rankings of 164,534. To put that in perspective it gets more traffic than one of the content rich top Indian business blog, The Indian Economy Blog.

It is their creativity to make the bland World Bank statistic into an interesting ranking, where everyone feels a bit richer when they compare their standings to the rest of the world, gets more traffic to the site than other useful content rich site. That’s the impact a single powerful idea creates. Now do you have any?

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