South Indian Vegetarian Restaurants – Will NECC promote eggs in their menu cards?

Last week, Times of India publishes a page full of articles about egg consumption in India and the benefits of eating egg. In an article about making eggs palatable to vegetarians, National Egg Co-ordination Committee says, “Most of the eggs that hit the market are not the kind that would hatch, as they are not fertilized, and hence vegetarian”. And in another one NECC’s Zonal Chairman says, “Considering 20% of our population is strictly vegetarian, we are now promoting the slogan that egg, like milk, is also vegetarian.”

Talking about eggs and vegetarians, when I think of well-known South Indian vegetarian restaurants – Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Sangeetha, Murugan Idli shop, Vasantha Bhavan, Ratna Cafe, Rasam, Hot Chips – none of them have eggs in their menus. Now a chicken and egg question – Should these restaurants serve eggs only after majority of the vegetarian’s start eating eggs or will they have to start serving eggs in their vegetarian restaurants to slowly start the change in mindset?

Though I believe non-vegetarians and eggetarians might outnumber the pure vegetarians in some of the vegetarian hotels, these owners might not be willing to take the risk of irking their loyal customer base and start serving eggs.

But if NECC is keen on taking eggs to vegetarians then they should certainly start promoting eggs to these restaurants. If the owners themselves are pure vegetarians then they stand no chance, otherwise at least they will listen and think if it makes any business sense to try out eggs in their menus or better start with a separate eggetarian restaurant brand.

Now, why I’m so interested in starting this change from vegetarian hotel chains. Yeah, you got it. I’d love to eat egg dosas in Saravana Bhavan or Idly with egg curry in Murugan Idly kadai. I believe many other non-vegetarians and eggetarians would love that too. Will NECC help?

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