Stocks ready, Service ready too?

It’s June. And it’s back to school season in India. New classes, new teachers, new friends and also it’s time to buy new notebooks, guides, and other stuffs.

During my school days there were few shops in our town that sell books, guides and quality notebooks. So there would be huge crowd in these shops during the school opening days. The same shop where one can normally finish their purchase in less than two minutes or so, would take more than 20 minutes during the back to school season. And worse there won’t be any queue systems and people who know the workers by their names get things done faster than those waiting for long time. So for a small and reticent boy like me, shopping was tough those times.

Well, most of the business are proactive to special occasions and functions and are readily stocking items, but why are they not ready to put in equal thought and effort to give better customer service.

Again there are few businesses, which do give better attention to customer service. I’ve seen the KFC in Ascendas Food court, Chennai, employing additional attendants during the weekend rush, to get the orders from customers when they are waiting in the queue itself, so that they don’t have to waste few minutes in ordering once they reach the counter. Even though the time saved is not significant, it’s good to note that they are putting their best effort to serve the customers better.

Keeping the stocks ready will only get the business into the game; only those who keep the service ready will end up winning the customers heart and wallet.


  1. rajendran says:

    I think every company try to putforth their services to the customers. but if a small shop employ another worker wat abt the cost? their profit margins also reduce.

  2. Siva Rajendran says:

    Rajendran, It’s not about employing another worker, its the intention to provide better customer service matters more. Well, to ensure queue system during peak season doesn’t require another employee, but a little forethought will do.

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