Sun TV Network – Net not yet working

News and Net:

How do you consume news? Scanning daily newspapers, watching television or browsing web? Whatever be the answer, there is no doubt that Internet’s share as the main source of information is on the rise.

Traditional media too make its content available online now. You can read the daily edition of India’s leading newspapers like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Economic Times, online free of cost. TV networks like NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times Now also have improved their web presence considerably. You can watch that exclusive interview, breaking news, special investigation reports and other interesting videos in their website itself.

Sun Site – Not shining bright:

However SunTV Network, media giant in the South, with 20 TV channels including 4 dedicated news channels, is yet to take any steps to make effective use of the web medium. Their current website is fully loaded with programme schedules and synopsis only, which is not of much use to the visitors.

What’s the use in producing more than 50,000 hours of original content in a year, if the content is perishable once telecasted? Won’t it be good to provide the content of their hit shows in their website than letting the fans to search for the same in video sites like YouTube?

Having missed the SUN TV’s Top 10 movies, I just visited their site to check if I can get any info. there. But all that the site contains is a 5 line description about the programme. Is that what a visitor expects from their website?

But if you missed the CNN-IBN shows, Devils’ Advocate or The week that wasn’t by Cyrus, you can watch the video at your convenience in If you don’t get time to watch NDTV Profit’s Buy or Sell, you can get the gist of that programme in their website. Time Now also provides content of their popular shows like E-Now in their website.

What’s next – Digital or Traditional?

NDTV convergence, the digital arm of NDTV launched its mobile portal NDTV Active recently. It also maintains other websites like,,, TV18 also has websites like,,,, under their Internet venture web18.

On the other hand, Sun Network has shown interest in becoming a dominant player in the traditional media by owning newspapers – Dinakaran, Tamizh Murasu and magazines – Kungumum, Vanna thirai in the recent years. But it failed to take any steps to improve its presence in the digital media.

It’s high time for Sun TV network to pay serious attention to the internet medium.

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