Swine Flu – Ads and awareness

Indian Government has launched the advertising campaign, “Stop infection and be a hero” to create awareness among the public and to stop the spread of H1N1. Thru these ads, Government advise people to get the test done if there are symptoms of H1N1, follow hygienic practices like covering nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing and to stay away from crowded places if infected.

However I’ve not seen any TVC’s by private players to spread the awareness other than the cheeky ad by Hindustan Times to stop panicking. Even simple preventive measures like washing hands regularly will help. So why not personal hygiene brands like Dettol or Lifebuoy take this theme for their ads and spread the awareness?

But these brands are already doing that in the online world. “Swine flu? Not in my house. Have no fear with Lifebuoy,” says Lifebuoy website. Dettol is doing it thru SEM. Search for swine flu in Google has its ad “Dettol kills 99.9% bacteria & Flu Viruses. Learn more now!” listed first.

No, I don’t meant over the board Television advertisements like “Fight H1N1 with Dettol” or “Lifebuoy fights swine flu better than other brands”. Even simple ads like “Wash your hands regularly. Issued in public interest by Dettol/Lifebuoy” will be enough to create the awareness and help improve the brand image.

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