Digital Education- Will smart class companies in India start their own learning centres

Indian schools are gradually moving from traditional blackboard teaching to digital classrooms making learning more interesting for the students. There are plenty of smart class brands for the schools to choose now. Educomp’s smartclass, Pearson’s DigiClass, Tata Interactive’s ClassEdge, HCL’s DigiSchool, Next Education’s TeachNext, Mexus Education’s Iken School, NIIT, Everonn, Core Education, Birla Edutech all offer ICT based solutions in the K12 segment.

However all these options are for the schools only. For the students, if they could not get admission to the schools that have the digital classrooms or could not find any smartclass schools nearby they are left with no choice, even if they are interested and willing to pay the additional fees. After school digital classes are thru e-learning or by CD’s/DVD’s at home only.

Lot of parents do send their kids for tuition’s outside school hours, but the focus there is mainly on getting more marks. Standalone smart class centres can act like tution centres that focus on teaching concepts in the curriculum and can help the students better understand the subjects.

Next Education has already started Next Learning Centre (NLC) after-school digital learning centre called Mi Class with an objective to create a more effective personalised classroom that brings joy and excitement to Tuition programme. Would like to see more players take this route and start their own K12 digital learning centers and help improve the quality of education.