Tata Sky and Channel Surfing

I got a Tata Sky satellite TV connection recently. Channel surfing is made easier in Tata Sky with a feature Search and Scan banner, which allows you to find out what’s playing on another channel without changing the channel you are watching.

Being a channel surfer, one more feature I would love to have is the forward and back options (similar to the one in web browsers). That would be of great help to quickly reach the channels we’ve watched earlier.

Now there are reports that in the next two years India would have 700 TV channels. The current functionality of TV remote to select a particular channel based on number won’t be of any use then. Who will remember 700 channel numbers? Even the Tata Sky’s Guide feature which let you browse thru the channels based on category won’t be enough for channel surfing, as a single category itself might have more than 50 channels.

Will we get an option to select a channel by typing its name? Will we see better usability in navigating the channels in the future? Well, they don’t need to think hard for that, providing some of the web browser’s features would do that.

Will anyone care for the channel surfers?


  1. Sudhanshu Gupta, Lucknow says:

    After taking the best pack from Tata Sky ( Rs 300 per month) they are have stopped airing Neo Sports & asking extra money for that channel. They give so many promotional messages to their customers but no message was given for this channel getting paid. Tata Sky has started CHEATING its customers. In future they can start charging for any other channel also. So pls BEWARE of Tata Sky. Dont go for these cheaters. Apart from this they show less channel compared to Dish TV. You will have to dial STD number to have a word with customer care ( only availaible in four cities). Thats additional cost. Their other PAID Number (1860) does not wok most of the time.

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