Tata Sky – Selling ads in the DTH space

You have seen ads in the Television channels every 10 minutes. Now get ready to watch the ads once you switch on the TV every time.

Tata Sky welcomes its subscribers with its Help channel or by promoting its special services like Active Learning or Showcase offers. This has changed now.

Tata Sky has started making effective use of the initial 10 seconds before its subscribers choose to watch a specific TV channel. It started telecasting ads. I’ve seen the ads of Titan’s premium watch brand Xylys yesterday as I switch on the Tata Sky DTH.

Titan again is a Tata group company that might have helped. We’ve to wait and watch if they start selling this adspace to other companies as well.

No escape from the ads now. It would be good if the brands use this new ad space effectively with some viral marketing kind of promotions than just giving the usual ads.


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