Tata TiON – Will the ginseng magic work?

tata_tion_logoCarbonated or non-carbonated, soft drink market in India is mostly dominated by the Cola majors – Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Will the Tata Tea’s new soft drink TiON challenge the cola giants?


Tata Tion comes in a 400 ml pet bottle with three different flavors – Apple Buzz, Mango Rush and Peach Punch. Its pet bottle has a unique shape and its elegant chiseled design attracted me at first look.


Tion’s priced at Rs 22 for 400 ml. Considering 200 ml Tropicana at Rs 15/18, 300 ml Appy Fizz at Rs 20 and 400ml Minute Maid Pulpy Orange at Rs 20 have to say Tion is competitively priced.

Why T!ON?

Now why should you grab a bottle of Tion over other soft drinks?  Tion has the answers printed in the bottle itself.

“It is a fact of life. You can’t let go off the new T!ON. Why? It’s delicious. It’s refreshing. It’s absolutely buzzing with active energy. And, best of all, its good. Na, good isn’t good enough. It’s good 3 times over. With 3 good things – tea extracts, fruit juice and ginseng. That’s (count them) 1. health, 2. nutrition, 3. energy. All in one bottle. The new T!ON with 3 good things. So why let go!”


Marketing Promotion:

I’ve seen the Tion’s Outdoor ads, particularly in the bus stops. Also noticed their in-store marketing efforts in some retail outlets in Chennai. But the Tion’s TV commercial is little bit disappointing. Have to say it failed to create the buzz for a new launch like ITC”s Bingo or Virgin Mobile did.  Hope when they launch the cool drink nation-wide, they’ll go for more aggressive brand promotion.

What Next?

I wish for a 330 ml tin variant of Tion to fight against the likes of Diet coke and Pepsi My Can.

Will Tata Tea fight with the Cola majors for the top 2 slot in the soft drink market or will it settle for the third place fighting other big Indian players? Let’s wait and see if Tion’s ginseng magic works.

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  1. In Marakkanam near pondy in a hotel called ECR anand Tion old stocks are sold

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