The Great Indian Pepsi-Coke challenge

Competing with global brands Coke and Pepsi and surviving is not an easy one. Over the years Indian brands have started to fight with them head-on.

Juice, snacks and water:

Dabur India’s Real and Parle Agro’s Appy brand gives tough competition to Pepsi’s Tropicana and Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid in the fruit juice market.

Launched only in 2007, ITC’s Bingo has already eaten into the market share of Pepsico’s Lays in the branded snack food market. In the bottled water segment Tata’s Himalayan brand is fighting with Aquafina and Kinley from Pepsi and Coke.

Cola Race – Anyone running for bronze?

bronze cup waiting

However the action is still missing from the Indian companies in the cola segment. There are quite a few regional players. Kali Mark’s Bovonto brand is popular in Tamil Nadu. But there is no Indian brand to compete with the Cola giants in the national level.

Which Indian brand will take this challenge to race with the Cola giants and break their oligopoly in the carbonated soft drink market?


  1. yes,
    agree that there are Indian brands fighting bravely with products of international brands, however there is no such Indian brand which can take the battle against carbonated soft drinks. And I don’t think that any Indian Company is capable to break the monopoly of Pepsico. and coca cola.

  2. J.Sai Shankar says:

    There should be certainly a new enterent in the carbonated segment,although parle and dabur is giving a good fight to the MNC brand,it is the consumers perception that need to change that indian brand is no way inferior to the MNC brand……….Jai Hind.

  3. Abhay Arora says:

    Big Cola is here now 🙂


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