Toothpaste market – Selling a new brand

Toothpaste brands – How many you need?

These days even selecting toothpaste is not an easy decision to make. Take the case of Colgate-Palmolive, one of the leading players in the oral care segment in India.

They’ve toothpaste for complete 12 hour gem protection – Colgate Total-12, tooth paste to clean and whiten teeth – Colgate advanced whitening, one with cooling crystals – Colgate Max Fresh, one with herbal ingredients – Colgate Herbal, one that contains salt – Colgate Active salt, a toothpaste for long lasting fresh breadth – Colgate Fresh Energy gel, one that is 100% vegetarian – Colgate Dental cream, one with fruity bubble gum flavour for kids – Colgate Kids toothpaste.

Selecting one from this list is not that easy. But, wait all these different choices are from just one company. So when you consider other leading brands like Close-up, Pepsodent, Dabur, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Marketing strategy – Launching a new brand:

Well, in this clutter of toothpaste brands is there a possibility for a new brand to grow and gain significant market share? Only a disruptive strategy will help.

How about a toothpaste specially made for brushing at night? If such a product has its benefits and is proven scientifically, then it will be easy to weave a marketing strategy around this concept and make every other brand as morning toothpaste category. This will help the new brand to gain significant market share in its niche, night dental care segment.


As still significant percentage of people brush only in the morning, a separate toothpaste for night will push more people to brush before going to bed. This will not only improve the topline growth of toothpaste brands, but also help people develop the good habit of brushing twice a day.

Any takers?

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  1. yup, I totally agree wid u.. The needof the hour is to target some untouched segment of d market.. ur strategy is quite similar to d way Maruti 800 became the market leader in the 80s by being the first car in the small segment.. 🙂

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