Toy tablet for kids – Will Micromax and HCL compete with LeapFrog and VTech in the digital toy market?

Children these days are used to play with smart phones from a very young age even before they start to speak fluently. There are lot of apps targetted for this pre-school group to listen to rhymes, paint cars, draw shapes, learn alphabets, play with animals etc. Its better to have one for the kids separately so that parents need not worry if their smart phones got scratched or the kids called someone in their address book accidentally while playing.

Kids Tablets are increaingly getting popular in the Western markets. There is LeapPad Explorer from LeapFrog, InnoTab from VTech and there are Android based kids tablets Nabi, Lexibook, Meep and to add to that this holiday season Toys R Us, leading kids toy store plans to sell its own branded kids tablet Tabeo.

In India there aren’t many kids toy tablets available now. Key thing to be successful in this segment in India is to get the pricing right that inturn will drive a lot of demand from the parents. Price below Rs 2000 would be ideal to attract more parents away from other electronic learning toy options available now.

Micromax already had a popular Android Tablet for students – Funbook. They can design one specifically for pre-schoolers and can remove all the additional features like camera, multiple net connectivity options and can even reduce the screen size by an inch or two to bring the product price close to Rs 2000.

HCL is already in the digital toy market with its HCL ME Topper educational laptop and is also in the K12 segment with its smart school product Digischool and learning tablet for students HCL MyEdu Tab. Having a good kids tablet will have them associated with the children right from their early age and will have good brand connectivity for their laptop and other educational products.

Will Micromax or HCL venture into the digital toy market with exclusive tablet for kids?

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