Tropicana in pet bottle or Minute Maid in Tetra pak?

Cola giants, Coke and Pepsi used to fight and match each other flavor for flavor, ml for ml and calorie for calorie. However, now in the fruit juices category both the companies follow different approach.

While PepsiCo India launched its juice brand Tropicana by 2000 itself, Coca-Cola India took more time and launched their juice drink brand, Minute Maid, only in Feb 2007. While Tropicana chooses to go the Tetra Pak way for all its juice ranges from 200 ml to 1-liter variety, Minute Maid chooses the PET bottle route for both its 400 ml and 1-liter variety.

tropicana pulpy
Well, both PET bottle and Tetra Pak have their own advantages. While the Tetra Pak helps Tropicana to have lower entry price, Minute Maid Pulpy Orange’s on-the-go 400 ml pet bottle provides the best option while traveling.

It will be interesting now to see who’ll change their strategy first and step into the competitor’s shoe.

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