Tshirt Sales and Tourism Promotion

chennai tshirt Last week Chennai celebrated it’s 368th birthday and it got a lot of media attention. People were nostalgic about Chennai’s USP like Filter Coffee, Kanjeepuram Silks, Shopping Frenzy in Ranganathan Street, morning walk in Marina Beach and so on..

That reminded me of American way of promoting cities. If you are in Manhattan, you can hardly pass any street with out seeing “I luv NY’ Tshirt. In Washington Tshirt’s with Capitol Hill images sell like hot cakes. Every state there has it’s own slogan and you can see citizen’s proudly showing that off in their car’s no. Plate.

Indian Textile majors can take a cue from them and build their own empire by designing T-shirt’s for every city promoting it’s speciality. India’s rich culture and tradition has lot to offer in this space which they can use it innovatively to build their brands.

How about a Taj collection, Tshirt’s in different hues of Taj Mahal with some impressive Slogans about Love. It might end up as a big seller in Valentine’s day.

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