Vedic Cosmos – Diary that speaks tradition

Even in the world of Blackberry’s, Palmtop’s and PDA’s , diaries continue to hold special place in the day to day life of many people around the world. There is good news for all those diary lovers. Vedic Cosmos series , new collection of diaries that highlight the Indian heritage was released from the world renowned Nightingale products group(SFA).

Srinivas Fine Arts (SFA) started four decades ago, in a small industrial town Sivakasi (nicknamed Kutty Japan), has now grown to become one of the finest printing companies in the world by adhering to the best in technology and maintaining superior quality. The company also keep on innovating new concepts and designs to remain competitive in the world diary market. It has introduced the Vedic Cosmos series this season targeting the International community, interested in India’s heritage.

Vedic series diaries designed like palm scrolls, contains rich information about the Vedic Tree of Knowledge and also has special content that includes all the main Hindu festivals with their explanations. Other than diaries, specialized Journals like “Wisdom of the Rishis” which has wisdom quotes by rishis and saints of ancient India are also available under the collection.

So if you are seriously thinking about gifting your International clients, a bit of Indian heritage then better go for the Vedic Series.


  1. Interesting especially the quotes by Rishis. Heard of Vedic mathematics but first time Vedic diaries. Would not be a bad idea to distribute among children- would remind them of our rich cultural heritage.

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