Wal-Mart – World Is Not Flat…

After nine years of relentless fight to conquer the German consumers, Wal-Mart last month accepted defeat and retreated from the German shores. Numerous theories have been going around for their failure, like misjudging German consumer and culture, underestimation of the competition etc.. To add to this list is their failure in brand building and smart selling.

Customer is definitely the King, but yet you can woo the King and drive him to the market with effective ads. Reliance India Mobile did such a thing in their successful colour mobile exchange scheme offer. Value consumers never bothered about what colour their voice is and it doesn’t matter if it’s in black or white. Reliance communication come with an well conceived ad to target the niche segment that in romance black&white won’t work. And the ad worked.

US Retail giant in it’s effort to clone it’s working model in US and conquer the rest of the world, realized that the World has not yet flattened out, by losing in Germany and South Korea. May be they can pass on their experience to the rest of the world and can compete with Thomas Friedman by releasing a book – World is NOT Flat.


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