Want to Start New Business in India?

Business2.0 magazine came up with a dozen new business opportunities that are available around the globe in it’s latest edition.

Two such opportunities relate to India
1. Create an ad network for India’s mobile content developers.
2. Import fine wines to upscale restaurants – in India.

I’m not sure about the later but the mobile ad content business definitely has tremendous opportunity. Additional features that get added to the mobile from time to time like Camera, MP3player, Pocket Computing and now even as Credit Card make it all the more indispensable part of daily life for every person. As the market is still in it’s nascent stage, the story looks more promising and the kind of growth one can see is up to his imagination.

With Email marketing failing in it’s take off itself due to the onslaught of spammers, Direct Marketing pundits will be more than willing to pump in millions to meet their target customer using this new medium.

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