What’s your monthly sports budget?

Sports budget! Don’t say it’s only for players. As the cost of watching sports in television goes up in India, it matters to all sports lovers like you and me.

There are only eight sports channels in India. In that Tata Sky‘s top base package South Jumbo has only one channel – DD Sports, as they removed TEN Sports and ESPN-STAR from all their base packages. First they offered Sports Gold package at Rs 30 per month that has two channels NEO Sports and NEO Cricket. Now they made TEN Sports as A La Carte channel at Rs 15 per month. ESPN, STAR Cricket and STAR Sports channels are made as part of new Sports Platinum Pack at Rs. 40 per month. Also they do not carry ZEE Sports Channel.

So to watch all the Sports channels that Tata Sky provides we have to pay 85 Rs monthly in addition to their base package.

What next? Will they take out Sony SET Max from their base package before the start of the next IPL season and create a Sports Diamond pack? What about other DTH providers, DISH TV or BIG TV? Are they more sports friendly?

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  1. We, singapore residents, have to pay 30$ for cricket package. It was there in my monthly budget (do i have one?) untill before 2 months. Its quite high really. As more and more web sites are offering free live – well, with a lag of 2 mins – subscribing to a package for 30$ monthly, does not sound good, considering the quality of Indian cricket too.

  2. Barry George says:

    I’m from the UK and at the moment there seems to be a complete channel swap that has taken place.

    I used to pay for the sky sports channels up until a few months ago when I was advised by a friend to cancel that and subscribe to Setanta Online. I’m very happy with the package and price because they seem to have a wide selection of football available which is my main sport.

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