What’s your vacation plan this summer?

Have you planned for your vacation this summer? Are you bored visiting the typical tourist spots like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Mysore or Munnar? Incredible India has so much to offer to the tourists, so do explore something different this vacation.

Whitewater Rafting:

Well, you might have experienced the joy of paddle boating in the serene lake of Kodaikanal or could have enjoyed your time in the houseboats exploring the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, but have you ever thought of white water rafting in India? You don’t need to travel all the way north to the Brahmaputra or the Ganges rivers to try your rafting skills; you can have fun in the river Cauvery down south too. Do it at least once – that’s the message from the noted blogger Rashmi Bansal after her rafting experience in the Ganges River with the tour agency Vagabond Adventures, few months back.

Jungle Lodges:

What’s the fun in watching animals in a Zoo or circus? How about visiting their den for a few days and being their guest this summer? Jungle Lodges and Resorts (JLR) is a wildlife and eco-tourism initiative by Karnataka Government and are operated in the natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Karnataka. If you are a nature lover, you will love the place for sure as you can enjoy so many activities like bird watching, fishing, jeep safaris into the forests, trekking or mountain biking. Want to know, how good a trip to a JLR would be? Arjun shared his trip to the Kabini river lodge in his blog with some nice pictures taken there. Check it out, it’s really fantastic.

Rural Tourism:

Does Adventure sports or roaming in the forests not quite interest you much? How about a heritage tour then? Well, in your interest for India’s culture and heritage, you might have visited Agra Fort, Ellora caves, Mysore Palace or some ancient temples. But why visit these ancient monuments again and again when you can experience more on hand in rural India. Government of India has started the rural tourism initiative to help people explore the rural lifestyle with the help of local communities. A trip around the village will help you understand their arts and crafts, cultural and natural heritage and the traditional way of life in rural India. So say bye bye to the stressful urban life for few days and enjoy your cup of chai singing Balelaka balelaka and explore rural India.

Village Resorts:

Are you not quite comfortable to travel rural India for some reason or other? Then how about visiting a resort where you could taste a bit of rural lifestyle. Pack your bags and head straight to the Native village resort where they recreate the ambience of a typical, traditional Indian village. And the activities there will surely be a refreshing change from your hi-tech hi-stress urban life. You can get a bullock cart license, enjoy kite flying, try ploughing a field using a pair of bullocks, learn organic farming or get a crash course in milking cows. Will any other vacation get better than this?

Catamaran Ride:

How many times have you been to the beach? But have you ever dare to enter few kilometers inside the sea and swim? Beach resorts like GRT Temple Bay offer catamaran rides where you will be taken into the sea with life jackets in a catamaran and will be allowed to jump into the deep sea and relax for some time. So don’t just play in the shore and return back, experience the feel of swimming in the deep sea this vacation.

Try something different this summer and make your vacation all the more memorable.


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