Will Discovery and History channels come to theatres?

There are people who love watching programmes in Discovery or History channels over watching a movie in TV. So why can’t these channels come to theatres?

Daily shows in theatres like movies might not workout for them. So how about week end only shows. They can tie-up with multiplexes for Friday or Saturday night shows and can telecast their best shows or new series in theatres. With specific show timings in select multiplexes, it will be easier to market and to ensure that the shows are running house-full.

Now that their content is available in regional Indian languages also, a regular show in movie hall is also a great way to add new audiences to their TV shows in small towns.

People are ready to watch non-movie related content in theatres. Will Discovery or History start a new trend?


  1. Excellent idea! I would love it. And I wish to watch Planet Earth or Cosmos in a big screen.

  2. Sounds good for starters. but a couple of things to be considered. Are there enough numbers to fill up a cinema hall. you could create a lot of buzz initially because of the idea’s novelty but are people buffs for discovery and national geo like they are for movies. Do people watch these channels when they have nothing better to do on a weekend. Or do they schedule themselves to catch up on the shows. Like movie buffs who make sure they catch a show every weekend.

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