You Tube Brutus!

Film fraternity often voices their anger against the pirated CD business as it robs their box office revenue and requests people to watch the movie in the theaters instead. However I haven’t seen them acknowledging the threat of video sharing websites that violates copyright law or the illegal websites that provides free movie downloads.

Improved bandwidth, increased broadband penetration and easy net access, changes that scenario now.

sivaji ad
I’ve seen this Sivaji film ad in Deccan Chronicle where they have explicitly taken a dig at the Youtube website by quoting “You Tube Brutus!” and asked people to watch the film at a theatre to enjoy the grandeur.

To say it in ‘The Boss’ style – That’s cool.


  1. hmmm .. know smthn, siva? I actually c most new films on You Tube before actually making my mind on seeing the full movie.. Saves me a lotta movie and time as well!!

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